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Hello and welcome to the Cheesecake Factory. I made this comm for Meta and Beta regarding the Thom Yorke And Cheesecake fan fiction archive site. It is not intended to supplant the Archive or other forums in any way, it is intended as an additional resource for cheesecakers who love their cheesecake so much they just want a bit more. Please feel free to use this as a scratch pad for:

1) For meta discussion of and comments on Fan Fiction in general, Radiohead Cheesecake in specific, or any individual stories that authors would like to open for discussion and/or commenting.

2) For solicitation of Beta reading, editing suggestions, requests for help - or even just for posting fic-lettes and story fragments you don't feel are ready for the Archive just yet.

I'm going to leave this comm open to new members for the time being. You need to be a member to post, but not to comment. We may change this is there are problems with spam and/or nastiness.


Edit: there are now three updated stories available for reading to members! When you join, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know you're out there. (I need to know you're out there somewhere.)

Just a shoutout to my homegirls D:
Don't know if anyone's still here, but just wanted to say


The Loophole is closing...
I've finished the manuscript of The Loophole, and written the ending (and a coda, for those who want to know what happens to everyone afterwards.) Which means that I only have a bit of polishing, and fine-tuning and fixing grammatical errors before it's ready to end. Then I'll be dribbling out the last 6 chapters over the next few weeks.

So I just wanted to know if anyone had any questions or comments, or last-minute requests/demands to know "but what happened to that story line you left hanging back in Chapter 17..." (Or if you just want to shout at me for ripping your heart out with the ending, when it comes.)

Or perhaps you're curious about who some of the original/semi-original characters were actually based on? Or, even, if you have questions "for" any of the characters (not just Lucy, but anyone) it might be fun to answer in character and let some of them speak.

I've set this to allow anonymous comments, but please be nice, and no shoe ads, thanks.

Mod Party In Uzbekistan
Ed frowned as Thom sat before him in the kitchen, kicking the rungs of his chair in nervous agitation as he chewed his lip. "I'm sorry my screams work you. It was the most vivid dream. I honestly thought that Jonny was dead, and you know how I get when I get scared."

"I know," assured Ed in a soft voice he hoped didn't sound too fatherly, as he poured the milk he had been heating into two mugs to make cocoa. "But Jonny isn't dead, and it's not the end of the world, and we're all fine."

"I don't like it when Jonny isn't here, in the band house," Thom whinged, even as he took the mug of cocoa, wrapping his stubby little fingers around it for the warmth.

"I bet Jonny is having the most amazing time, backpacking in Uzbekistan," Ed said calmly, blowing on his cocoa to cool it. He took a sip, and when he looked up, there was cocoa dusted across the downy hairs of his adolescent lip.

"I'm still worried," insisted Thom, hunching over his mug of cocoa, and for a moment, Ed thought he was going to curl into a little ball, like a baby mouse.

"You're always worried," Ed thought to himself, though he didn't quite dare say it aloud.


Jonny awoke on a soft bed of leaves in the midst of a giant forest. The trees stretched for miles, all the way up the mountain slopes on either side, as far as the eye could see, massive walnut trees, dripping with fruit. Jonny loved walnuts, they were his favourite food on earth, so the idea of visiting the walnut forests of Uzbekistan had been a long-time dream. He missed his friends, he missed his band most of all, but the lure of the delectable nuts was more than he could resist.

He stretched, then he rolled up his sleeping bag and packed his things, striding off into the trees. The friendly peasants in the last village had told him that the very best walnuts, the largest and sweetest, grew in a sheltered glen on the other side of this mountain range, so he was determined to find the grove before nightfall. He walked and walked, passing through a high, narrow mountain pass, with guards' stations on either side, wrapped in barbed wire, but they seemed to be unoccupied, and no one challenged him, so he walked down, climbing over the gate at the bottom of the pass. In the distance, he could see the grove of tall, lush, green walnut trees, and quickened his pace. But as he drew nearer, he could see they were surrounded by a chain link fence, with rusted signs every few hundred feet. But the signs were in Cyrillic text, and Jonny couldn't read Russian, so he shrugged and walked around to where the wall was slightly lower. He could almost smell the walnuts on the other side of the fence, and his stomach started to grumble, and his mouth started to water. It had been a long time since breakfast. So he checked the fence to make sure it would hold his light weight, then hopped up, climbed over, then gently dropped into the grove of forbidden walnuts.

And just as he reached the first tree, that was when the alarms started to ring.


Back in England, the dreaded red telephone in Number 10 Downing St started to ring. That could mean only one thing. The USSR was declaring war.



This is a round robin story. If you want to take a turn, leave your name in the comments, or on the Cheesecake Archive and we'll take turns in order. The writer of the current chapter will tag the next writer at the end of the story, so we don't get confused as to whose turn it is next. I think so far, IWantToSeeYouSmileAgain, This and HumanRaccoon have said they want to do it, so you can take the next 3 instalments. (Feel free also to leave comments/suggestions/plot devices for things you want to read, even if you don't want to take a turn.)

The Loophole - Chapter 11
In this chapter, the Radiohead tour reaches England. And Eyesore is forced to confront a real-life Cricket Test of choosing to go with her Loophole and IRL friends, or whether to stay and meet Furious - and perhaps Radiohead as well - backstage at Earl's Court.

The back story lives here if you have stumbled into this by accident.

Chapter Nine...Collapse )

Thom/Beck Chapter 30
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

The Loophole, Chapters 9 and 10
I don't even know if anyone is even still following this story, but if you are, boring life-related chapters are boring...

In Chapter 9, several of the forum producers have their first IRL meetup, DJing at a Brixton club, an eventful evening which leads to a record deal for Eyesore and Kid Adie. Warning: contains drug use, Four Tet, and teenage boys talking right bollocks about Grime and 2-Step (This chapter also addresses issues of racial and cultural identity in South London, so please read with an open mind.)

In Chapter 10, the surprise success of Eyesore and Kid Adie's single pushes Lucy and Jack's marriage to the breaking point. So why is Furious the only person who seems to understand?

(But I promise you, Chapter 11 will be exciting again because the Radiohead tour finally reaches the UK and Eyesore has to face the dilemma of meeting Eyesore and/or Radiohead and many, many things are revealed.)

Chapter Nine...Collapse )

Chapter Ten...Collapse )

So what have I missed?
Hey people, what's going on in Cheesecake Land on this rainy Bank Holiday Monday?

I've been away on holiday, and I've started a new job (which I like, but it's kicking my arse and taking all my time - open plan office, so no reading Cheesecake at work) so I feel really out of the loop and disconnected from you lot. What have you been up to?

I'm feeling in a bit of a lull. I often get this way when I'm in between stories. I feel like I'll ~never write again~ or else I fear that I'm losing interest in my obsession. (Obsessions do come and go, but the RH one is so long-term, it's more like it waxes and wanes depending on how much I *need* it in my life; at this point in my life I don't think it'll ever go completely.)

Currently kicking around two ideas for stories in my head, not sure if either are going to take hold and blossom into a full story. 1) a prequel to Constructing Parallel Worlds which focuses on Thom at art school (a period that I feel has been neglected in Cheesecake, probably because it doesn't offer much opportunity for slash, but I still want to explore, mainly because I've always loved that Caitlin Moran interview where Thom talks about the parties that he went to when he was at art school.) 2) something really quite meta about messageboards and web communities. Not meta played for comedy, in the way that Popcorn Supergay was, but something that addresses the layers of intertextuality that occur between bands and their fans through the direct access of the internet. I'm not selling this well, but I've got the germ of an idea. Not sure which to do, or indeed if anyone's even interested in reading either of them. (I actually can't think about that when I write though, or I'd never write anything due to paralysis.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and explain why I've been so quiet.

Graphics-related question
I hope this is allowed. I know there's all manner of talent among the people here, and I was wondering if someone knows how to make gifs/gif avatars? As I'd love some made from the Anyone Can Play Guitar video (which I have as an avi), where Thom looks all kinds of dirty. I know nothing about graphics, myself.

Meta - What Got You Into Fan Fiction?
Sorry, I've been having both IRL interference (but I got a new job! hurrah!) and massive internet issues (not being able to get a connection for over 5 minutes) but it's time for a new meta-discussion.

A happy one this time, and hopefully not ~controversial~.

What first got you into fan fiction?

Was it something you started doing on your own, without realising that anyone else in the world did this too? Or did you encounter it as just a part of fandom?

This question is open both to writers and readers - if you're a reader, what was the first fandom that you encountered fanfic in? What was your reaction? Was there any particular fandom or paring or even story that made you think "OMG, yes, this is the thing for me?"

We've kinda got into this a bit on individual threads, but it'd be nice to have an open thread for it.


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