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The Loophole is closing...
theastronomymod wrote in rhcheesecakefac
I've finished the manuscript of The Loophole, and written the ending (and a coda, for those who want to know what happens to everyone afterwards.) Which means that I only have a bit of polishing, and fine-tuning and fixing grammatical errors before it's ready to end. Then I'll be dribbling out the last 6 chapters over the next few weeks.

So I just wanted to know if anyone had any questions or comments, or last-minute requests/demands to know "but what happened to that story line you left hanging back in Chapter 17..." (Or if you just want to shout at me for ripping your heart out with the ending, when it comes.)

Or perhaps you're curious about who some of the original/semi-original characters were actually based on? Or, even, if you have questions "for" any of the characters (not just Lucy, but anyone) it might be fun to answer in character and let some of them speak.

I've set this to allow anonymous comments, but please be nice, and no shoe ads, thanks.

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aw, you're gonna "rip my heart out" with the ending? Damn, I was really rooting for Thom and Lucy to end up happy!

Oh they will ~end up~ happy but you have to allow me just a leeeeeetle bit of heart-ripping in there somewhere.


Ok who is Adie based on. Also, the music made in this feels so real... where do I get it? Who are Axiom and Atom?

The captcha for this is "occupy nonally" - I misread as non anally. seems appropriate.

OK, the picture I had tacked up on my screen when I was writing Adie was this guy...

...who is an actor called Jesse Williams who I know nothing about, except someone on my twitter timeline who is obsessed with Hunger Games kept posting links to this website, and jesus christ is that man beautiful.

Axiom N Atom are not any band in specific. The whole ~being anonymous as a schtick~ thing was obviously ripped off Burial (also the "went to school with Kieran Hebden" thing) but I don't think that their music would sound much like Burial. A lot of Lucy was based on Cooly G and Adie's career would probably read closest to Benga. The idea of Axiom N Atom was based on Benga N Coki's massive breakthrough hit (at least over here) Night. The "Croydon Massive" are totally based on Benga's supergroup, Magnetic Man, right down to meeting at a record shop in Croydon, and the whole "going off and doing a pop album with an R&B singer" was inspired by the Katy B album.

I'm kind of tempted to make a Spotify playlist of the (non-Radiohead) music that inspired this story and soundtracked my writing it. Or even just stick in a load of YouTubes at the end because there were very specific songs I played over and over while writing certain bits. Is anyone the slightest bit interested?

Re: adie

I'd appreciate a playlist!

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